The law firm Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Iwaniak & Fałkowski provides comprehensive legal services both to commercial companies, branches of foreign companies, and sole entrepreneneurs. Our services are rendered by experienced legal counsels, advocates, tax advisers, lawyers and accountants, which allows us to comprehensively solve Clients’ legal, tax and accounting issues.
The kinds of legal services offered by Paweł Iwaniak’s office:
1. “Regular” legal service: the terms of cooperation shall be set in an agreement that binds both parties for the duration of cooperation.
2. “One-off” legal service: terms and conditions of cooperation are fixed every time a new order is registered and used only for the purposes of its performance.
3. “Individual” legal service: the cooperation rules are set in agreement with a Client, taking into account his or her desires, their expectations and also the character of a case.

The settlement of legal assistance cost can be made in a manner chosen by the Client as follows:
1. Lump sum remuneration: the amount is a fixed monthly rate at a level agreed with a Client, regardless of the scope and character of a lawyer’s work.
2. Success fee: the amount of remuneration largely depends on the effects of a lawyer’s work as well as the outcomes of judicial, administrative court and tax proceedings.
3. Remuneration based on hourly rates: the amount to be paid is derived from the number of hours spent by a lawyer on a particular job multiplied by an hourly tariff agreed with a Client beforehand.
4. Combined fee: the amount is determined in consideration of several factors mentioned above.
Benefits derived from signing a contract for regular legal service:
1. Minimization of legal and tax risk resulting from economic operation, e.g. insolvency of trading partners, loss of liquidity, tax audits.
2. Protection of a Client’s interests for the purposes of potential judicial and enforcement proceedings.
3. Day-to-day assistance in legal and tax issues associated with economic operation.
4. Optimisation of economic operation costs, including tax costs.
5. Assistance in all matters, also complex and labour-intensive issues, which would be non-profitable on a short term basis.

Our legal services include:
1. Legal and tax counselling while the optimum form of business is being considered.
2. Drafting and negotiating commercial agreements as well as legal and tax counselling when these are concluded and performed.
3. Drafting and evaluation of intellectual and industrial property contracts.
4. Establishment and assistance for commercial companies as well as branches of foreign companies.
5. Representation of commercial companies before registration bodies, such as the National Court Register.
6. Preparation of full corporate documentation of a company, especially articles of association, bylaws and corporate rules.
7. Creation of agreements and resolutions that regulate relations holding among partners/shareholders.
8. Updating company details in the National Court Register.
9. Legal and tax counselling when shares and stocks are being acquired.
10. Challenging of resolutions passed by an assembly of shareholders or an AGM.
11. Comprehensive legal and tax assistance with dissolution, liquidation, transformation, mergers, splits and takeovers of commercial companies.
12. Comprehensive legal assistance with personal data protection, including online service provision, commercial agreements, internal rules, instructions and regulations.
13. Running training courses for entrepreneurs in selected areas of law.
14. Representation of Clients in litigations, administrative court proceedings, administrative and tax proceedings, in particular matters involving civil, commercial, intellectual and press law, unfair competition as well as labour law and debt recovery.
15. Comprehensive legal assistance with labour law, especially: representation of employers before common courts, creation of work and remuneration rules, drafting of civil law contracts which can replace a work contract, legal counselling concerning the establishment, development and dissolution of employment as well as employee cost reduction.
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