Our Firm does not forget about people in need and those who do not have necessary means to cover the cost of professional legal service, including the cost of legal representation, without upsetting their budget.

Victims of road accidents and other chance events can always count on free consultation and legal advice in the subject of due damages and other monetary benefits. In Lublin, we give our legal advice in the offices of the Firm by prior telephone appointment at +48 501 367 504 or electronically at kontakt@obslugaprawna.pro. Moreover, all cases against insurers are run by us without charging deposits, costs of legal representation are recovered directly from the insurer or offender. Such a model of settling the costs of legal representation substantially facilitates the damages or compensation recovery process by aggrieved parties, without detriment to their budget.

The Firm Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Iwaniak & Fałkowski supports small and medium-sized entrepreneurs by organizing free legal advice campaigns that focus on matters related to their business. Those interested in taking part in such a campaign are requested to confirm their participation by sending us an email at kontakt@obslugaprawna.pro or by calling at +48 501 367 504. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can expect substantial discounts from us, including reduced prices of legal representation.

Also, entrepreneurs and individual clients are invited to contribute to discussion on our blog in which we describe the essential aspects of having one’s own business and answer the questions of registered participants.

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