Remuneration ("price list" for our legal services)

Remuneration for our legal services, including possible cost of legal representation, depends on the mode of cooperation chosen by a Client, the nature of a given case, its legal complexity and time limit.

Bearing in mind the needs of our Clients, we propose a number of viable methods to make mutual settlements. A settlement for legal assistance, in particular, can be made in a manner chosen by the Client in the following ways:
1. Monthly fee (lump sum)
The amount of remuneration is fixed and paid on a monthly basis, determined between the Firm and a Client, regardless of the scope and nature of the job and the amount of work done by our lawyer. We recommend such a system of settlement to medium-sized entrepreneurs as well as those entities who are involved in a large number of judicial, tax, administrative and court-administrative actions. The advantage of this is that the lump sum remuneration covers the full assistance in all Client's matters, including all cases of litigation for which the Client pays no extra fee while potential costs of legal representation are reimbursed to the Client by the adversary when the case has been won or an enforcement is over.
2. Single fee (lump sum)
A single remuneration is agreed upon individually with a Client before cooperation begins. This kind of settlement is recommended for one-off jobs such as drafting contracts, legal representation, registration of a company, changes in the National Court Register. The amount is determined in advance and no extra expenses are required of the Client while the case is on. If a fee is associated with judicial or enforcement proceedings, the fees incurred in connection with legal representation are reimbursed in whole or partially to the Client.
3. Success fee
The amount of remuneration largely depends on the effects of a lawyer's work as well as the outcomes of judicial, administrative court and tax proceedings. This system is recommended to those who do not wish to carry the risk involved in judicial proceedings or have a large number of court cases pending whose object is to claim a particular sum or damages. Success fee is also applicable to the so-called costs of legal representation that are awarded when judicial and enforcement proceedings are over.
4. Hourly rates
The amount of remuneration is derived from the number of hours spent by a lawyer on a particular job multiplied by an hourly tariff agreed with a Client beforehand. This system of remuneration is recommended for small enterprises which occasionally use legal services but want to have regular access to a lawyer and for those entrepreneurs who do not have substantial assets to spend. If the remuneration is associated with judicial or enforcement proceedings, the fees incurred in connection with legal representation are reimbursed in whole or partially to the Client.
5. Combined fee
The amount of fee is determined using several of the above factors and considering the amount of legal representation.

We do not charge for legal consultation or advice from persons who are victims of traffic accidents and other chance events. Moreover, we do not charge an entry fee from persons injured in traffic accidents or other chance events if their claim is for damages, compensation or disability pension, whereas legal representation costs are recovered directly from the insurer or the offender.
In order to obtain a precise quotation for a particular legal service, please sent us a message via the contact form or to the address: Alternatively, you can obtain a quote in our office by prior appointment.
We never charge for quotations. Feel free to contact us.

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