Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Iwaniak & Fałkowski offers comprehensive services associated with judicial, administrative court, administrative and tax proceedings. We represent our Clients before courts of all instances and before the Supreme Court. We prepare revocation complaints in civil, commercial and employee cases as well as in administrative court proceedings. We specialise in legal representation in commercial, civil and employee cases.

Our team of legal counsels and advocates have rich experience in proceedings gained before courts and administrative organs throughout the country. When taking on a case we analyse it carefully considering its multi-faceted character. Thanks to this scrutiny our Client gets to know the chances of winning the case, expenses, potential benefits and threats resulting from engaging in a given litigation.

Having been presented with such an assessment, the Client resolves whether to take the case to court or not. If he or she decides to use our services, we develop a litigation strategy with them. The devised strategy takes into consideration maximum secured claims, the speed and effectiveness of a litigation, as well as the possibility of recovering the costs of legal representation from the other party.

During particular proceedings, a Client is represented by a legal counsel or advocate during every hearing and informed of subsequent stages of the litigation until the final ruling is passed. Should the other party not respect the court’s decision, we will represent the Client in enforcement proceedings, undertaking all lawful means to enforce the ruling.
Thanks to our services our Client can recover the cost of legal representation from the other party, both in administrative court proceedings and in judicial and enforcement proceedings.

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