Our rules of cooperation with Clients are as follows:

1. Effective management
Cooperation with our Firm relies on effective management of a Client’s matters, close communication and cost optimisation. Our goal is to achieve measurable results of our efforts. Our legal counsels, advocates, tax advisers and lawyers demonstrate a thorough understanding of Clients’ needs. Our people flexibly meet their expectations and take all possible steps to secure their interests.

2. Measurable benefits and Client priority orientation
Our team take every possible effort to satisfy Clients’ needs and expectations as best as possible. Upon our decision to get involved in a given case, we always propose such legal (or tax) solutions as to ensure maximum profits and minimise risks associated with the case. Upon our decision to start cooperation with a Client, we establish his or her priorities and take measures to realize them as quickly as possible. In every case, a tax analysis is carried out so that our Client will not have to pay unnecessary taxes. Likewise, we inform Clients of necessary taxes to be paid.

3. Cost optimisation
At every stage, we make sure that the costs of legal services and litigation incurred by our Clients are as low as possible. Moreover, our Clients pay only when necessary and they cover expenses that were initially agreed. They are not charged with costs which were not previously agreed upon. If expenses which could not have been reasonably predicted at an earlier stage of cooperation arise, we review the terms previously agreed on with the Client and establish new rules of cooperation by the Client’s permission.
4. Know-how for legal and tax optimisation in a business
When a Client decides to use our services, apart from top-class legal services, he or she is provided with know-how regarding legal and tax optimisation. Given this knowledge, her or she can streamline their business, and as a result increase revenue and reduce costs of business operation.

5. Confidentiality and timeliness
Confidentiality and trust are inherent elements of our operation. All facts that we become aware of in the course of our contacts with a Client are treated as trade secret by our legal counsels, tax adviser or advocate, and shall not be disclosed to anyone.
In our practice, we take great care about data security, especially data transmitted in the course of electronic correspondence. We use the latest security features, including the latest software, to protect those data which are trade secret from being unlawfully retrieved.
We pay particular attention to timely performance of our duties and observance of court deadlines. We proceed to deliver an ordered task immediately after we collect essential information and documents as quickly as possible.

6. Constant and free contact
Upon establishing cooperation with a Client, we determine how and how often they want to be updated on the status of our cases, and in what form (by email or by phone) and when (once a week/month). At all times we monitor the progress of our work, giving the Client feedback on a case, in accordance with previous arrangements.
Getting in touch with the Firm is free of charge, so Clients never bear the cost of a meeting, telephone or email contact, questions concerning services, or requests to quote the price of a particular service, etc.
If you wish to know the details of our offer, feel free to send an email at kontakt@obslugaprawna.pro or use our contact forms, or you can call us on 501 367 504.

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