The firm Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Iwaniak & Fałkowski ensures fast and effective debt recovery throughout Poland as well as abroad due to its collaboration with foreign law firms. Our knowledge and long-time experience enables us to recover overdue payments in full amounts.
Each case involving debt recovery is subject to scrutiny, which allows us to effectively manage the recovery process. We Firm consists of experienced legal counsels, advocates, tax advisers and lawyers who provide effective debt recovery not only in Warsaw and Lublin but also throughout the country.

We are extremely effective in debt recovery at the pre-trial stage. If not payment occurs at the pre-trial stage, we take a “traditional” judicial course or commit the case to electronic proceedings by writ of payment, and then to enforcement proceedings until the debt is recovered in full.
The object of such judicial proceedings is not only a recovery of the amount due but also an award of accrued interest for the late payment as well as a reimbursement of the cost of legal representation. As a result, our Client does not suffer any loss in the course of debt recovery.
Regardless of judicial or enforcement proceedings we enter debtors into the Register of Insolvent Debtors and other widely available debtor registers.

While running recovery proceedings we keep our Client updated on the recovery progress by sending them relevant reports as initially agreed.
We take a comprehensive approach to the process of debt recovery, so Clients do not need to undertake any action and all recovery formalities are our business.

Apart from comprehensive legal services that we carry out to recover amounts due to our Clients, we advise them how to safeguard against insolvency of trading partners, especially how to draft contracts, what extra elements could be included in an invoice, which forms of protection to use should their trading partner prove insolvent, etc.
Our Firm offers convenient terms of cooperation as we always analyse each recovery case free of charge, and a payment for our services depends chiefly on the results of our actions.

If you use our services, we ensure:
1. Every likelihood that the amount receivable will be recovered pre-judicially.
2. Fast and comprehensive recovery proceedings, starting with a payment request, through court proceedings to bailiff enforcement action.
3. Flexible methods of remuneration, for example a possibility to link our remuneration to the effectiveness of the recovery action.
4. Time savings because debt recovery is done by professionals, and a Client’s participation is reduced to a minimum.
5. All lawful means of debt recovery.
6. Recovery of legal representation costs in judicial and enforcement proceedings.
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