Given a broad range of our legal services, we offer our Clients professional tax solutions. Our tax advice covers in particular the following areas:

1. Optimisation of legal and tax solutions aiming at reduced tax burden in compliance with applicable regulations.
2. Providing explanation on the correct way to fill accounting books in accordance with accountancy rules and provisions of tax law.
3. Advising and furnishing opinions in the subject of tax law.
4. Keeping Clients updated on current legislation.
The tax assistance we offer enables one to reduce tax burden and the risk of errors in keeping accounting documentation, which means greater profits and smoother running of a company.
We also provide legal assistance in tax and audit proceedings and complex services regarding administrative court proceedings associated with broadly understood tax liabilities.

Our tax assistance involves in particular:
1. Drafting tax appeals and official letters associated with tax proceedings.
2. Writing applications for a tax interpretation.
3. Bringing complaints before regional administrative courts regarding tax matters.
4. Bringing revocation complaints before the Supreme Administrative Court regarding tax matters.
5. Drafting official letters related to administrative court proceedings.
6. Representation of Clients before tax authorities.
7. Representation of Clients before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.
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